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July 26, 2018

10 tips on how to become a successful host!

KiteBnB’s vision is to make traveling kitesurfers feel like locals, no matter where they stay. So try your best to demonstrate your hospitality, since your listing is your window to the global KiteBnB community. Every journey begins with a great listing!

Make sure you love sand.

  1. Make your listing unique and desirable
    Tell the kitesurfing world why it is a “must” to stay at your place. What is it that differentiates you from other listings in your area? If you are a kitesurfer yourself, you know best what it takes to make fellow kitesurfers happy. If not, imagine you were one and get creative.
  2. The digital world is all about photos
    High-quality photos are the main factor in making your listing attractive to guests. Don´t use dark or unfocused pictures. Take photos when the sun is shining and your space is well prepared. Upload several different pictures to demonstrate the versatility of your space and what makes it special for kite surfers. Don´t forget to take outside photos as well!
  3. Amenities for kitesurfers
    This is what makes KiteBnB special. When describing your place, think about what would make it a kitesurfer’s dream. Is it within walking distance from the beach? Is there storage for gear or a dry room for wetsuits? A car park or transportation options? Or do you know where the best kite spots in your area are? Can you guide your guests? Common amenities like WIFI, TV, BBQ, etc. are mostly standard, but should still be mentioned.
  4. Pricing
    The price you want to charge your guests is up to you. Set a price that is competitive but at the same time helps you reach your earning goals. Keep in mind that kitesurfers are frequent travelers. An inexpensive accommodation can mean that your guests save money for their next stay at your place. The service fees for KiteBnB hosts are 12% of the total amount that you charge your guests. Guests don´t pay any booking fee at all.
  5. Respond faster than the wind
    Remember that kitesurfers are wind chasers. They love to make their bookings spontaneously according to the wind forecast. It is therefore essential to respond to booking inquiries and reservation requests within 24h. If you don´t, your competitors will be more than happy to welcome your guests.
  6. Prepare your space
    Your guests are expecting a clean and tidy space. Make sure they will find everything they are awaiting. Demonstrate your hospitality and dedication to kitesurfers. Surprise them with cold beer in the fridge, a list of kite spots in the area, and a print-out of the latest wind forecast.
  7. Welcome your guests
    Being a host on KiteBnB is an attitude. Every kitesurfer is one of us and part of our community. Their stay begins with your welcome. Make it warm and friendly like you welcome a friend. Use your KiteBnB messaging system to arrange the details of arrivals and departures. Let your guests know if you will be meeting them yourself or where they can find the key.
  8. Be available
    Remember that your guests are most likely staying in a place that is new to them. Issues or questions may arise. If you are not around, make sure your guests have a reliable contact person to talk to.
  9. Write reviews
    Candid and objective reviews are the basis of the trusted KiteBnB community. Leave a review for your guests within 14 days of checkout. Not only does writing reviews improve your search results, but also guests are more likely to review their hosts after receiving a review from them.
  10. Make your guests feel like locals
    KiteBnB is a very special experience for traveling kitesurfers. No matter where they stay, they are embraced by one of their own, by a host such as yourself. Share your favorite kite spots with them, introduce them to your friends and the local kite community, show them the “in” places to be and let them know where the party is. In short, make them feel what it means to “stay where kiters live”!

Finally: Learn to love sand!
Your guests are kitesurfers. They will carry around an extra portion of happiness and sand with them. If you are a kitesurfer yourself, you won´t worry about a sandy floor. But if you aren´t, you should learn to love sand – it´s always around and makes you happy!


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