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March 10, 2018

KiteBnB brings home sharing to the kite surf community

Finding the right place to stay is always a challenge.

Have you ever been asking yourselves “Why isn´t there a cool booking platform for kite surfers?”. The kite surfing entrepreneurs Jörg Asthoff and Pascal Kühnhenrich from Germany spent some thoughts about that question and founded KiteBnB.

“We were fed up of surfing the internet for ours seeking for an appropriate accommodation and finally finding ourselves nonetheless in a grotty garage or a bourgeois hotel without any amenities for kite surfers” says Pascal who is Head of Marketing at KiteBnB.

Pascal is Co-founder at KiteBnB

Pascal, Co-founder and head Of Marketing at KiteBnB

KiteBnB is the first home sharing platform that serves the global kite surf community. KiteBnB connects kite surfers worldwide and makes it as fast, simple and convenient as never before to rent and rent out an appropriate accommodation. Guests benefit from the broad international offer and the special features for kite surfers, like e. g. dry room for wetsuits, kite storage, proximity to the spot and many more. Hosts can list their homes within a few clicks and reach thousands of kite surfers through out the world.

Mitu with KiteBnB logo

Mitu is an early KiteBnB supporter.

“Stay where kiters live”! That´s what is really special about KiteBnB. Being part of the local kite surf community and feeling like a local. Everywhere around the globe.
And the idea has been welcomed with enthusiasm by the global kite surf community. “Just within a few days we had thousands of registrations from potential guests and hosts all over the world”, says Jörg Head of Technology at KiteBnB. So you can choose from a brought offer of accommodations. If a remote island destination or an urban kite spot. You will find it all on KiteBnB.

The idea already got it´s supporters among the community. Pros like Airton, Angela, Mitu and others say: „Stay where kiters live!“


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